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Contracts and Reports

A description of our contracting, consulting, and inspection contracts and reports

Consulting Documents

Agreement for Consulting Services

The Agreement for Services and Real Estate Inspection Agreement are contracts to which both of us must agree before a consultation or an inspection can be performed. I think the contracts are fairly straightforward as such documents go. They describe what I am going to do for you, for how much, and under what conditions.

Our Agreement for Services is a contract we use for consulting services. We include the engagement fee, payment terms, and scope of work to be performed.

Consulting Reports

Our consulting observations can be reported to you orally or in writing, depending on your need. Our reports may take the form of a Report of Observations, a Report of Investigation, a Cost-to-Cure Estimate, a Neutral Third Party Opinion, or other form depending on what is called for by the situation.

Home Inspection Contract

Our Real Estate Inspection Agreement, used for home inspections, is a slightly more detailed document since that activity is specifically regulated by the State of California and must contain certain statutory requirements.

Home Inspection Report

The home inspection report is written and lists the defects we have observed. The report is presented in your choice of report formats: a narrative style, a typed checklist style, or a hand-written checklist style.
The narrative style report is a typed document with a descriptive narration describing any problems observed with the systems and components of the home with sentences and paragraphs. It is usually ready about one business day after the inspection is completed.
The BASIC™ (Bay Area Standardized Inspection Checklist™) report is a pre-printed, proprietary form. With type-written comments, it is also available in one business day; with hand-written comments, it is delivered to you at the site, immediately after the inspection. Neither of the BASIC™ report styles is available to you as an option if you do not attend the inspection. We strongly recommend your attendance, as a far greater perspective is gained from being there.

Contracting Documents

Home Improvement Contract

The Home Improvement Contract is a highly regulated document designed to provide the buyer with clear and complete information about the transaction into which they are entering.

A home improvement is any alteration involving repairing, remodeling, altering, converting, or modernizing, adding to, residential property and shall include, but not be limited to, the construction, erection, replacement, or improvement.

There are many elements to this contract in addition to disclosures and statutory language. Some of the most important are:
For home improvement contracts over $500, they must be written.
The approximate starting and completion dates must be included.
There must be a description of the work to be done, including materials and equipment to be used or installed.
Any changes or change orders after the original contract has been signed must be detailed in writing and signed by both parties.
Any down payment is limited to 10 percent of the total cost of the project or $1,000, whichever is less.
There must be a schedule of payments in dollars and cents.

We will offer both stipulated sum (firm price) contracts and negotiated sum (cost-plus price). Our firm price contract provides a schedule of completion upon which a written schedule of payments is based. Under a negotiated sum arrangement, weekly invoices are delivered which itemize labor costs according to the task performed and hours spent by each employee and material and subcontractor charges itemized according to vendor invoice number, date purchased, type and amount of charge. We add to the sum of those costs an overhead and profit typical in the industry.

We take pride in ensuring a “meeting of minds” in our own home improvement contracts and offer consulting services in this regard for clients wishing to avoid misunderstandings.

In-Progress Project Reports

We track job costs by invoiced purchases of materials and subcontracts and by detailed time cards. All material, subcontract, and labor expenses associated with any given job are logged. Upon request, we can produce accounting reports by date, vendor, task, employee, and any combination of these.

If you would like a sample report, sample in-progress billing statement, sample contract, or other sample document of interest, you may make your request by email at:


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