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Consulting Services

A description of our consulting services and fees. Choose an item for a detailed explanation

Remodel Coaching

Altering a home can be an exasperating and costly experience. Sometimes it can be disastrous. A remodeling coach can help clients with decision-making before and during the plan and specification production process, the contract document development, the contractor selection process, contract administration and production quality control, and can help ensure that the project is carried out to achieve the intended result on time and on-budget.

New Construction Inspections by Phase

Many buyers and owners involved with new construction or alterations mistakenly believe that jurisdictional inspections ensure quality. This is generally not the case. Building officials only have the duty of enforcing code compliance. Keeping in mind that the code is a minimum standard and realizing that building officials are usually over-worked and under-paid, one can understand that many defects can “fall between the cracks” of the process.

Some architects are unwilling to accept the responsibility for phased inspections or are unable to perform impartial inspections (architects have a responsibility to the client, not the builder, thereby setting up a built-in bias). Architects may choose to consult with firms such as ours for these services. Those who do not subcontract for the service and those who cannot or will not provide the service themselves, leave the client with the need to seek help elsewhere or risk problems with the project.

Periodic inspections by a neutral third party can help to ensure that the building is being properly constructed and minimize future problems are minimized.

Construction Dispute Resolution

Problems often arise during a construction project. Sometimes builders are distrustful of architects, engineers, etc. whose fees are paid by the client. Also common may be a reluctance on the part of the owner/client to rely on the recommendations of the builder or design professions. We can provide neutral, third party analysis of the dispute and a factual basis for a mediated or arbitrated resolution. We also offer continuing inspection services to ensure the settlement is executed as agreed.

Construction Defect Investigation

Forensic investigations of construction defects require knowledgeable personnel conducting systematic investigations that may involve intrusive examinations and destructive testing. We bring to this process many years of experience and the benefit of regular participation in training designed to improve our investigatory skills.
We employ a multi-phase process which precedes the repair work. The beginning pahse and the number of phases is determined on a case-by-case basis.

This process provides a paper trail and allows the client to control the process.

Water Intrusion Investigation

Water intrusion investigations that will diagnose the source of the problem and provide recommendations for effective remediation.

Leak detection and repair can be difficult and exasperating. We have found the process must be approached systematically and carefully. The source and cause of the water intrusion must be correctly identified before effective corrections can be made. We use a phased investigation as is described in our Construction Defect Investigation above.

Construction Litigation Support

Our experience in real estate inspection and defect investigation has prepared us well to provide support for plaintiffs and defendants in lawsuits. We strive to be impartial experts and have no preference for working with either side, choosing instead to provide honest, impartial information which, hopefully, will lead to fair settlements or judgments.

Carbon Monoxide Detection

Fossil fuel combustion (natural gas, propane, butane, wood, coal, oil, etc.) can result in the production of carbon monoxide. This is a colorless, odorless gas that can be lethal when exposure is sufficient. The level of exposure varies among individuals. Poorly maintained or improperly operating gas burning appliances may produce CO.

Symptoms of exposure to this gas can be similar to and are often mistaken for those of the flu. Homes employing gas burning appliances or solid fuel burning fireplaces should be equipped with CO detectors. In the event the detector alarm goes off and no clear cause can be determined, or if symptoms described above persist, further investigation by qualified personnel is recommended.

Our firm can provide services designed to detect the presence of the gas and recommendations as to remediation.

Cost-to-Cure Estimates

Normally, a need exists for a fair assessment of the cost to correct defects or other problems with construction. Our experience as builder, inspector and consultant has provided us with an understanding of the estimating process that qualifies us to develop cost-to-cure figures that are accurate and reliable. We can prepare an estimate that will conform to the scope of the detail provided, whether it be conceptual, schematic, or fully developed.

Residential Inspections

We have provided home inspections for the last two decades, including single family homes to multi-family buildings for buyers, sellers, or owners. We proudly adhered to the Code of Ethics of the The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). Our reports conformed to the Standards of Practice of the American Society of Home Inspectors in describing the deficiencies in systems and components of the home. We no longer offer home inspection as a service but gladly help clients interpret reports and provide pricing information on recommendations made in the reports.

Commercial Real Estate Inspections

Buyers, sellers and owners of commercial real estate can benefit from inspections for many of the same reasons that apply to home inspections. Realistically understanding the condition of the property is important whether purchasing, selling or leasing. Again, we help clients interpret reports and provide pricing information on recommendations made in the reports.

Fee Schedule

Consultation and Expert Witness Work

Our initial site visit costs $275.00 for up to two hours of consultation. Additional time is billed at $150.00 per hour and includes work related phone calls, document review, research, investigation, estimating, report writing and portal to portal travel time for travel which is associated with the work.

A four hour minimum at $250.00 per hour is charged for trial work which includes actual court time, arbitrations, mediations, depositions, testimony and stand-by time. We bill in four-hour increments. The minimum fee will be charged for any change in a scheduled date of testimony unless 24 hour notice is given.

For expenses incurred by Inspector in connection with the delivery of Inspector’s services to Client, any necessary material purchases, any subcontractors’ invoices and any other consultants’ fees will be billed to Client at cost plus ten percent (10%).


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